PTV Drive&Arrive

Communicate ETA in Real Time

Use Real-Time ETA to Gain Accuracy and Efficiency

no more time windows or missed openings

Now you can monitor the flow and arrival of your goods and services. PTV Drive&Arrive continuously transmits the current estimated arrival time of trucks, automatically informs all stakeholders in the supply chain about delays, and gives them the time to prepare for the arrival.

Why We Have the Best Real-Time ETA

Is one of your trucks stuck in traffic? No problem! PTV Drive & Arrive will automatically inform all stakeholders. By keeping them in the loop, you'll keep them happy. Below are features offered by PTV Drive & Arrive.

  • TomTom real-time traffic information
  • Traffic prediction
  • Relevance of congestion for the trip
  • Ongoing road closures
  • Driving and rest periods for drivers
  • Truck attributes
  • Truck traffic patterns
  • Automatic detection and consideration of break times

Optimized Collaboration with the Best Real-Time ETA

Improve by communicating accurate delivery information with all stakeholders in the transport process.

Trade & Production Shipper

Get an early incident response and an evaluation of contract performance

Logistics Service Provider (LSP)

Know of all delays and be able to react in real time.

Haulier & Subcontractor

Get insight into subcontractors and reduce dock wait times

Customer & Dock

Increase efficiency and better control downstream processes


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Stakeholders, Challenges and Solutions

Integrate it into your system

As the ETA is calculated for pre-planned trips, the integration of PTV Drive&Arrive, with its monitoring capabilities, takes place in the tools where the ready-to-use trips are available. This may be your Transport Management System, Tour Planning System, or any other application that you are using to manage your process.
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