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Supply Chain Visibility

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to present our world with unprecedented challenges, business practices are shifting rapidly. In the supply chain industry, an unprepared and vulnerable logistics operation can be a key contributor to business interruptions and delays. Supply chain visibility, or the transparency presented by the trackability of product orders and shipments from the production source to their target, …

sustainable logistics operations

Sustainability as a Competitive Advantage

Environmentally friendly companies are sought after in the industry and incorporating sustainable processes will position your supply chain for success. Additionally, implementing sustainability into your logistics operation offers many advantages that will help your company reduce emissions, increase regulatory compliance, and reduce costs. Reducing emissions from your fleet provides many benefits, not only to the environment but to your companies’ …

distribution optimization

USE CASE: Food Distribution Optimization

Reducing costs and increasing profit margins is crucial for any business. It is especially pertinent to medium-scaled distributors to compete with large-scale networks. This use case is an example of how a medium-sized food distribution company was able to optimize their routes and reduce operational costs.

ecommerce in the food and beverage industry

The Future of e-Commerce and the Food & Beverage Supply Chain 

COVID-19 has impacted food and beverage supply chain operations throughout the world and is changing how companies are planning. The growth of e-commerce is perhaps the most powerful of these changes. Here’s what you need to know to succeed in tomorrow’s changing market.  The sudden expansion of e-commerce due to COVID-19 has created a profound shift in consumer demand. Social distancing mandates and general healthcare practices have …

how to reduce transportation costs

4 Ways to Reduce Transportation Expenses

Due to the volatility of the current business climate, logistics operations are looking for ways to reduce expenses to ensure stability through the COVID-19 pandemic. As we have seen, during a global supply chain interruption some industries grind to a halt while others become overburdened. But no matter on which side your business lies, cutting costs could be the difference …

free route planning software

Free Route Planning Software During COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has changed everything. As a society, we realize, now more than ever, that the effective operation of businesses in healthcare-related industries is critical to everyone’s well being. That is why PTV Group is offering scheduling and route optimization software to those companies at no initial cost on a temporary basis. The software is PTV Route Optimizer CL, a …

electronic logging devices

Use Case: Leveraging ELDs to Optimize Logistics

Compliance with federal transport regulations is now enforced using Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs). This compels the logistics industry to seek ways to maintain or improve their bottom line within precise hours-of-service rules. Read more about how you can create a competitive advantage with ELDs.  

last mile delivery

Use Case: Making Deliveries Within Tight Time Windows

A well-known use case in the logistics industry is the need to make deliveries within a tight time window. With the growth of grocery and perishable delivery retailers, such as Amazon Fresh, along with companies that tout same-day service, there is less room for error than ever before. The use case below explores the wholesale distribution of perishables, and how …

on-time order delivery

Leading Wholesaler Uses Optimization as Competitive Advantage

Papyrus is viewed by many as a trailblazer in the paper wholesale industry. With trip planning, however, the company has devoted itself toward leading a sector. Optimization has the potential to become their defining competitive advantage and set the company apart from market entrants and incumbents alike. Leading paper wholesale trader Papyrus has managed to reduce the number of trips and, in …

what optimization means

What Optimization Means

By definition, optimization is the action of making the best or most effective use of a situation or resource. To optimize is to make as perfect, effective, or functional as possible. What does this mean in business, especially to a business heavily focused on delivering goods and/or services? In this case, it means to maximize the resources that you have while minimizing the operational …