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The New Generation of Vehicle Scheduling and Optimization Software

PTV Route Optimizer automatically plans your orders into optimized trips, taking into account all restrictions that are relevant to you and your customers. This makes the software as unique as you are; it can be customized to fit your workflow requirements, system environment and complexity of planning tasks.

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xServer Business Connector with SAP

PTV xServer Business Connector to SAP provides integration and saves time when implementing system-enhancing functionalities, such as route optimization, geocoding, map display, distance calculation or address verification.

PTV Attends Dreamforce as a Salesforce Partner

PTV’s Scott Shaul, Vice President of PTV America, is celebrating our new partnership with Salesforce at the annual Dreamforce conference. Salesforce users will soon be able to use PTV’s integrated software for the following: Operational visit and route planning Visualization of events on a map and in the calendar Radius and corridor search Date suggestion function and sequence optimization Additional details …

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TNT Express Overcomes Fulfillment Challenges

Take a look behind the scenes at TNT Express in this case study. International growth and heterogeneous IT systems are great challenges for order fulfillment. In this video you can see how TNT deploys PTV xServer to face these challenges.

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Does Routing and Planning Software Eliminate People?

Does Routing and Planning Software Eliminate People ? The short answer: No! On the contrary, route optimization software takes the work of the planner to a more strategic level. Route optimization software can calculate the best routes extremely fast, based on immense amounts of variables, but it takes a dispatcher/planner to prioritize and to make sure that the information provided …

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3 Buttons for Improved Logistics Operations

Logistics operations are challenging. Whether you’re trying to schedule your fleet, optimize routes, calculate truck loads, or keep customers happy, there’s always another time consuming task that lies ahead. Your software, however, can be used or adjusted to make your operation run more smoothly. Did you know that you can actually add functionality to your existing software system? We believe …