electronic logging devices

Use Case: Leveraging ELDs to Optimize Logistics

Compliance with federal transport regulations is now enforced using Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs). This compels the logistics industry to seek ways to maintain or improve their bottom line within precise hours-of-service rules. Read more about how you can create a competitive advantage with ELDs.  

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Logistics Software Leader AscendTMS Partners with PTV Group

PTV Group to Expand AscendTMS Functionality Functionality from xServer by PTV Group has been integrated into the AscendTMS transportation management system. PTV Group xServer will provide AscendTMS with distance and duration calculations, replacing Google Maps and PC Miler. It will also provide new functionality, including maps and interstate mileage reports (FMCSA reporting), with an eye toward integrating additional powerful optimization …

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Use Case: Making Deliveries Within Tight Time Windows

A well known use case in the logistics industry is the need to make deliveries within a tight time window. With the growth of grocery and perishable delivery retailers, such as Amazon Fresh, along with companies that tout same-day service, there is less room for error than ever before. The use case below explores the wholesale distribution of perishables, and …

supply chain optimization

Use Case: Farming & Wholesale Food Distribution

All industries can benefit from decreased drive times, mileage and costs, including the farming and wholesale food distribution sectors. This use case incorporates actual data from a PTV client that was set on a path towards greater efficiency and profit margins through optimization. Click the button below to read more.

on-time order delivery

Leading Wholesaler Uses Optimization as Competitive Advantage

Papyrus is viewed by many as a trailblazer in the paper wholesale industry. With trip planning, however, the company has devoted itself toward leading a sector. Optimization has the potential to become their defining competitive advantage and set the company apart from market entrants and incumbents alike. Leading paper wholesale trader Papyrus has managed to reduce the number of trips and, in …

optimized routes

What Optimization Means

By definition, optimization is the action of making the best or most effective use of a situation or resource. To optimize is to make as perfect, effective, or functional as possible. What does this mean in business, especially to a business heavily focused delivering goods and/or services? In this case, it means to maximize the resources that you have, while minimizing the operational costs, and …

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The New Generation of Vehicle Scheduling and Optimization Software

PTV Route Optimizer automatically plans your orders into optimized trips, taking into account all restrictions that are relevant to you and your customers. This makes the software as unique as you are; it can be customized to fit your workflow requirements, system environment and complexity of planning tasks.

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xServer Business Connector with SAP

PTV xServer Business Connector to SAP provides integration and saves time when implementing system-enhancing functionalities, such as route optimization, geocoding, map display, distance calculation or address verification.